Point to new website and Git URLs


    Fixed circular reference issue

Version 1.0.7

    Updated application icon
    Fixed VS Code opening on automated process and close jobs

Version 1.0.6

    Added Static Folders to allow syncing of a Source folder to an output folder (ideal for WebRoot outputs)
    Added Generation Reports
    Added generate command so you can regenerate all files on demand
    Support console close key combination to exit (for example Ctrl+C on Windows)
    Fixed server crashing bug causing never-ending close loop

Version 1.0.5

    Adding Open VS Code on launch option
    Detects and informs user if update is available
    Fixed Live Server bug for UTF content in HTML (invalid length)
    Fixed Live Data support for Zips containing / instead of \ and for zips without explicit folder entities

Version 1.0.4

    Fix include paths without file extension not working when filename has . in the name
    Fixed infinite refresh bug if URL has # in it
    Added ability to use relative source paths in files located on websites
    Added new config command to generate a fully filled out default dna.config file

Version 1.0.3

    Process and Close won't spin up Live Servers
    Fix Live Server Auto-Refresh not always working
    Scss Files can not specify Output Style and Generate Source Map

Version 1.0.2

    Live editing of dna.config file support without restarting DnaWeb
    Allow . in Live Variable/Template names
    Allow includes between engine types without file extension
    dna.config files now detects changes without having to restart


    Add Live Data Sources support for Live Variables and Live Templates
    Add Cache Path setting
    Add lots of commands into console


    Added LiveServer support so basic websites can be served
    Added Auto-Refresh support to LiveServers
    Fixed html include statement not finding partial files starting with _


    Added outputPath configuration setting to set default output path of all files, not just sass files
    Removed sassPath (replaced with outputPath)
    Added support for placing configuration files in any folder between the file and the root monitor path for tiered configurations
    Removed the need to specify include extensions if engine only monitors for one file type (i.e. including .dhtml files no longer needs the .dhtml in the include name)
    Removed the need to specify output extensions. If no extension is provided, the output extension because the engines default type (for example .html for the Html Engine)


    Changed Html engine extension to .dhtml
    Auto-set files starting with _ to partial files to match Sass behaviour


    Fixed bug in regex detecting Sass import paths


    Support for Sass Live processing
    Lots of speed improvements
    More dna.config configuration options including:
        sassPath - specify a path for Sass output files
        logLevel - The level of detail to output in the log
    Detecting already processed and already generated files and skipping them